Denis Palnitsky

Development Team Lead / Architect

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Phone:  +48 57 619 2323



  • 14 years of professional software development experience mostly in .net stack
  • full responsibility over enterprise-level applications and stand-alone products
  • organisation of continuous integration and codebase management
  • leading a development team in Agile
  • leading onboarding and knowledge transfer processes
  • communication with business people
  • pragmatic and business oriented

Major areas of expertise:

  • .Net/C#. Backend, WCF, WPF, WinForms
  • Web services SOAP and REST
  • Continuous integration:  Jenkins and Teamcity
  • Code base management with GIT, SVN,
  • Fluent in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process
  • AGILE methodologies: SCRUM, Kanban

Domain Knowledge:

  • US Credit Services. Payday loans 
  • Investment banking. CVA desk 
  • Microsoft Office file formats  Open XML specification
  • Microsoft Reporting Services extensions
  • Web Service Rest, SOAP WS-* specifications
  • Sports gambling

Work experience


March 2018 - present

Product Chief Architect for Manuscript (Fogbugz) Import. As Product Architect I was responsible for Kiln project handover from Fog Creek company to Crossover. This includes knowledge transfer and coordination of CI/CD, QA, Automation, Bug Fixing, and Unit Test teams. The goal of the import project was to set up all processes so that product could be released every 7 days. That goal was achieved in 4 months with +80% to unit test coverage, 250 tests automated and deployments to QA and Staging environments every night.  

Technologies: C#, ASP .NET MVC, Python, MS SQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Docker

Code Cleanup project. As Code Cleanup team member, I was responsible for refactoring of code antipatterns for a variety of projects.  Also I build Confluence space for the team from scratch for sharing knowledge  and speeding up onboarding of new members.

Technologies: C#, .net framework

EPAM Systems 

July 2016 - March 2018

Position: Team Leader and Senior .Net Developer


Teletrack is a consumer reporting agency that provides consumer reports to third parties for the purpose of credit risk assessment and/or other purposes. Legacy code and out of dated infrastructure.

Technologies: C#, Microsoft .NET, SOA Architecture, SOAP, WCF, MS SQL

I was leading a team of two developers and two QAs. My team had full ownership over whole system which consists of public SOAP interface, around 30 web services on backed, five databases and couple of standalone apps. We were able to successfully onboard project and deliver critical functionality in tight deadlines.

At initial stage of project I was facilitating knowledge transfer and project handover from other vendor’s team to make sure that transition process won’t affect business continuity

As a scrum master I was responsible for establishing SCRUM process. Work with Product team and other stakeholders from customer side on setting priorities and defining business goals for the team.

Project did not have development infrastructure. My main goal was to develop and implement strategy for establishing continuous integration process. I coordinated effort of developers, QA automation and two devops engineers on restoring production code base, migration source code to GIT, set up build and  deployment automation, improve QA automation coverage and accessibility. We used Jenkins, Nant, Gerrit and custom QA automation framework.

Luxoft. Credit-Suisse account

September 2013 - July 2016

Position: Senior .Net Developer

CVA Desk IT (Credit Valuation Adjustment)

Technologies: C#, Microsoft .NET, MS SQL, WPF, WCF

I was responsible for implementation and design of new functionality in Collateral Handle application that manages Credit Support Annex Documents and provides data for downstream system. One of my main achievements was redesign of document assignments process to make it more transparent and effective for to users. In order to achieve that goal I had to refactor and cleanup codebase. About one hundred of unit-tests and integration tests were written as part of this process.  This significantly reduced cost of changes in the system and improved quality.

Collateral Handle application based on legacy code so I spent significant efforts on refactoring of system in order to make sure that it is able to quickly acquire new requirements with decent quality. I have written about 100 unit and integration tests.

I was working on a tool that combines data from different sources in one Excel report. I worked on performance tuning that allowed to reduce time of report generation process from 4 hours to 10 minutes.

Aspose Pty 

March 2011 - September 2013

Position: Senior .Net Developer

Aspose.Slide Reporting Service Extension

Rendering extension for Reporting Services.

Technologies: C#, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Reporting Services, TeamCity, NUnit  

I had full responsibility over the project starting from technical design to release process and documentation. Main goal of the project was to improve quality, stability and testability of already existed legacy code-base. I proposed solution to decouple our extension for Microsoft Reporting Service which allowed to cover all code with functional tests and made development and bug fixing more efficient.


.Net library to read, modify and convert Powerpoint presentations.

Technologies: C#, Microsoft .NET, TeamCity, NUnit

I was responsible for part of Aspose.Slides API dedicated to integration of Excel Documents into Powerpoint Presentation

Aspose.Slides for Cloud 

Web API that allows to create, modify and convert Powerpoint presentations.

Technologies: C#, Microsoft .NET, Web Api, ReST  

Saaspose was green field project where I was responsible for design, implementation and documentation of public REST API to work with internals of Powerpoint presentation. Project went live and still available at 


October 2009 – March 2011

Position: Software Developer

Shopsavvy Backend Web Service

A service that collects product price information from various sources (mostly from online shops and search engines) and presents it to a mobile client application.

Technologies: C#, Microsoft .NET 3.5, Web-services, MySQL.


·        Integration with web-services that provide products and prices information

·        Design and development of tool to collect data from various sources like XML, CSV, web crawling

·        Algorithm of product bar-code identifier detection (EAN, Code-128, ISBN)

Shopsavvy Application for Android

Client application for Android. User scans product barcodes and gets offers from online shops.

Technologies: Java, Android


·   PayPal QuickPay service integration

·   Automated android database backup

·   Extending functionality and fixing bugs

ADD Grup 

March 2005 – October 2009

Position: Software Developer

Implementation of WS Resource Transfer and DSMR P3.2 standards

Technologies: Microsoft .NET 3.5, WCF, SOAP


Development of a SOAP Web-service, that uses WS Resource Transfer and DSMR P3.2 standards.

TIS (Technological Information System)

Technologies: C#, Microsoft .NET 1.1 - 2.0, ADO.NET, Microsoft SQL 2000-2005


Greenfield project where I was fully responsible for development of administering system framework and a set of plug-ins. The system included users management, reporting, data import and export, and production process management modules.

Visual components library.

Technologies: Microsoft .NET 2.0, WinForms.


I was responsible for design and development of visual components library that were used for internal projects. Library included:

  • Extended version of standard DataGridView, with automated sorting, filtering, printing, export and more
  • TreeView with tag-based node text formatting
  • Reporting system components set: dynamic filters, components for data visualization and export.

Bookmaker Service  

February 2004 – March 2005

BMS. Sport events betting system

Technologies: C++ Builder 6, Firebird

Working part time in sports betting company as an operator I came up with proposal to develop new system for them. They agreed. Despite the fact that it was my first big project it turned out quite stable and useful. It died ten years later with the company. System consisted of database, two Windows application and web site for managing sport bets.

Personal Projects

Everything is available on GitHub.

Debug Time Search Visual Studio Extension - extension that allows searching thru all objects of application in debug mode.

RSS Feed of Open Yale Lectures -  RSS feeds of lectures from Open Yale Courses.


English - pre-advanced. IELTS B2 level, (6.5 in reading, writing, listening and speaking)

Russian - native.  Polish and Romanian - elementary.

Personal information

Date of birth: October 9th, 1983

Education: incomplete higher education (2000-2004), Technical University of Moldova, Department of Computer Science, Information Technology and Microelectronics (Major: information technology)